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64 Damn Prompts

-A Multi-Fandom Prompt List-

64 Damn Prompts For Every Fandom
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Tired of the same old prompt lists for fanfiction or fanart? Well here's a new set, all shiny and waiting for your attention. Why, you ask, choose 64 prompts, instead of 25 or 100? Because 64 is 8 squared, and everyone knows that 8 is a fabulous number (as is 64).

The Theme List

1. 2 a.m.
2. metaphor
3. sky
4. lost scene
5. degrees
6. seize the day
7. opposite
8. passions run
9. connection
10. lull and storm
11. animal
12. children
13. we all float on
14. chess
15. duty
16. rip
17. missing time
18. crest
19. itch
20. explode
21. rise
22. crumble
23. range
24. fight/flight
25. acid
26. color
27. give
28. needle
29. locks
30. slope
31. correspondence
32. linger
33. charm
34. roads
35. hunger
36. reciprocity
37. kind
38. fruity
39. half-life
40. comedy of errors
41. tragedy
42. hope is the thing with feathers
43. empire
44. turpentine kisses and mistaken blows
45. rings
46. dust
47. every you, every me
48. project
49. adore
50. murmur
51. above
52. below
53. incalculable
54. wire
55. landslide
56. the beginning is the end is the beginning
57. door
58. enemy gate
59. stone
60. bright
61. stories
62. chime
63. laugh
64. hold

Les Rules

Pick a fandom or two or ten. Pick a pairing or five or sixty-four. Or just pick one single character and run with it-- there's no rigid rules here. Use the prompt list to inspire fanfiction or fanart, and when you complete an individual theme, post it! There are no claims; claims would mean only one person per fandom and my god how boring would that be?

Canon characters or places, original characters, OCs with fandom characters, crossovers between two fandoms, AU stories and songfics are all acceptable. Same with fanart. Fanfiction can range from drabbles to whole fics to single sentences. Themes may be posted in any order; they are not chronological.

Feel free to mix and match fandoms while working through the list-- you can come up with 64 drabbles about Doctor Who or you can have one theme for DW, the next theme for Naruto, and the theme after that for The Matrix.

Icons aren't allowed, but you can mix and match media, doing fanart, fanfiction, or both. Manips count as fanart in my book. Though if you wanted to use the list for icons or other stuff and then post it at your own journal and say you got the list from 64damn_prompts, then by all means do so! :g: The list itself is free once it's out there; I just want the comm postings to be fanfiction or fanart.

There is no time limit to this challenge but the time limit your own terrible horrible no-good superego elects to set upon your shoulders.

How you interpret the theme is up to you! It can be an idea, a title, a spoken piece of dialogue, and action, a motif... whatever it inspires in you.

Please tag your entry with the theme[s] and fandom[s].

Only fic/art may be posted to the community. (Advertisements for other communities will be deleted.) You may use fake cuts, but you must have the correct subject and header information as well as a link to its actual location.


Subject line:
Title (fandom, pairing, challenge #)

Entry Header:

LJ-cut: Anything longer than a paragraph and ALL artwork must be put behind an LJ-cut, but for artwork you may post a small visual teaser (approximately 200x200 max) outside the LJ-cut.

Ratings: All ratings are welcome, but anything of an R or higher rating must be clearly marked as such in front of the LJ-cut.

Plagiarism: will get your post deleted and you banned from the comm.

Feedback: is highly encouraged!

You may send questions to rashaka at enemygateisdown @ gmail.com